What Happened to Jill Egan?

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In 2019, the disappearance of Jill Egan shocked the small community of San Francisco. Egan, a 46-year-old woman, was last seen on May 19, 2019, leaving her apartment in the city’s Mission District. She had a bag with her and was wearing a black hoodie, black pants, and black sneakers. She never returned home that day, and her friends and family became worried when they couldn’t reach her.

The search for Egan began immediately after her disappearance. Her friends and family searched the city, put up posters, and contacted local media outlets. The San Francisco Police Department also launched an investigation and asked the public for any information that could help them find Egan.

Initial Investigation

The San Francisco Police Department immediately began investigating Egan’s disappearance, and they soon discovered that she had left her apartment on her own. They checked local hospitals and jails, but there was no sign of her. They also spoke to her friends and family, but no one had seen or heard from her since she left her apartment.

The police then started to look into Egan’s background and personal life. They found out that she was a freelance writer and had been struggling with depression and anxiety. She had also recently gone through a breakup and was having financial difficulties. However, they didn’t find any evidence that suggested she had taken her own life, and they didn’t have any suspects in her disappearance.

New Developments

As the days turned into weeks, there were no new developments in Egan’s case. However, in July 2019, a hiker found a human skull in a remote area of San Francisco’s McLaren Park. The police quickly identified the skull as belonging to Egan, and they began searching the area for more remains.

Over the next few days, the police found more bones and personal items belonging to Egan, including her backpack and phone. They also found evidence that suggested that she had been camping in the park for several weeks. The police then began to investigate the area more thoroughly, looking for any clues that could help them piece together what had happened to Egan.


Egan’s disappearance and death have left many questions unanswered, and there are several theories about what happened to her. Here are some of the most common theories:


One theory is that Egan took her own life. Her struggles with depression and anxiety, as well as her financial difficulties and recent breakup, could have contributed to her decision to end her life. The fact that she was found in a remote area of the park also supports this theory.

Foul Play

Another theory is that Egan was the victim of foul play. The fact that her personal items were found scattered throughout the park suggests that someone may have taken them from her. There is also the possibility that she was attacked by someone while camping in the park.

Accidental Death

It’s also possible that Egan’s death was accidental. She may have been camping in the park and gotten lost or injured, leading to her death. However, this theory doesn’t explain why her personal items were found scattered throughout the park.

Mental Breakdown

Finally, some people believe that Egan may have had a mental breakdown that led to her death. Her struggles with depression and anxiety could have caused her to become disoriented and confused, leading to her getting lost or injured in the park.


The death of Jill Egan is a tragedy that has left many questions unanswered. While the police have identified her remains and have some evidence about what may have happened to her, the case remains unsolved. Her friends and family continue to mourn her loss and hope that one day, they will find out what really happened to her.

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